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Warsaw Video Production

Warsaw, Poland is a cultural haven for videographers looking to capture a unique splice of life. The city is well known throughout the world for its beautiful art and panoramic views. Furthermore, the underground club scene in Warsaw is unlike any other you’re likely to experience in your lifetime. The weather in Warsaw can be unpredictable, so plan any outdoor shoots accordingly. Check with proprietors also to receive permission to film Warsaw video in private spaces.


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Top Warsaw Filming Destination

Bazar Różyckiego

When you think of Warsaw, cobblestone streets and historic aging buildings are likely to come to mind. To capture this feel on video, plan a scouting trip to Bazar Różyckiego. This marketplace area was built in the 19th century and was a hubbub of activity during the Second World War by supplying soldiers with ammo and medical necessities.

Plan B

To shoot video of the bar scene in Warsaw, videographers must make a stop in downtown’s uber-popular Plan B. Nearby Plan B is the “Rainbow” installation art project that has been shrouded in controversy since its erection. Plan B has a dive bar feel with artists, students, and celebs being a part of the everyday clientele. The diversity of the bar goers will help best capture the feel of what Warsaw is all about.


Neon signs were all the rage back in the 1950s and 1960s. For posterity, a museum was created to honor the city’s pastime. Capturing the signs on video can add a fun, retro vibe to your videos. The signs can act as a backdrop to videos that depict Poland’s storied past. Neon signs pop up all over Warsaw, especially in the metropolitan areas of the city.

Chopin Park

Warsaw isn’t notorious for its parks systems, which makes Chopin Park all the more important to film. The park was named after Frederic Chopin, the country’s most famous composer. The eight-acre park is simplistic, making it beautiful for urban life Warsaw video productions.

Warsaw City Center

There is an abandoned train station in Warsaw’s city center that leads to several mysterious spots that would be perfect to video for period pieces or horror-themed productions. By following the train tracks, videographers can find an old shutdown factory overgrown with ivy and several abandoned railcars with graffiti left resting on the tracks.

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