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Tokyo is the iconic capital of Japan and offers stunning visuals unique to its city and culture. Videographers, photographers, and tourist alike all seek out Tokyo to have a one-of-a-kind experience and to capture one-of-a-kind images. Tokyo can offer just about everything to everybody. It is home to an estimated 13.62 million people and offers thousands upon thousands unique locations for videographers and tourist alike. Whatever the niche, Tokyo has it, and has it in style.

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Top Tokyo Filming Destination

Shibuya Crossing

Quite possibly the most famous and popular location on this list for filming and photography is Shibuya Crossing. It is the perfect location to capture the typical person’s image of Japan. This area features on average one million people crossing the road daily and is surrounded by tons of brightly colored billboards as well as eye-catching video advertisements. Shibuya is a great location for capturing what the urban life of Japan looks like.

Yoyogi Park

One of the largest parks in Tokyo, Yoyogi park is full of great visuals as well as interesting history. Before it became the popular destination it is today, it was occupied by United States officers during the Allies occupation of Japan. Today you will see a variety of people at Yoyogi park, from the average tourist to a mixture of local musicians, artists, and entertainers. Sunday is one of the best times to film and capture the unique culture of Yoyogi Park.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Fish markets just so happen to be another popular thing to video and photograph in Japan, and this is largely due to its visage of Japanese culture. At Tsukiji Fish Market you will have the opportunity to capture video of Japanese locals and tourist alike purchasing and enjoying popular local cuisine. Amazingly, the market sees over 400 different types of seafood. Be careful when filming; the Tsukiji Fish market is a popular place of business and locals understandably don’t like any disturbances to their daily operations.

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

This 50-story building makes for quite the location for video production in Tokyo. Not only is it visually stunning, but it serves a great purpose in Tokyo. It is home to 3 educational institutions and holds the title for the second tallest educational facility in the world.


For those looking to capture the less mainstream side of Japanese culture, look no further than Harajuku. There you will the most radical expression of Japanese culture, usually modeled by the local youth. The trendsetting youth of Japan, and similar shopping boutiques make for a great location for unique video production in Japan.

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