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You have a story to tell. Not with words, but with video. We can all recognize those poorly thought out shots and the shoddy camera work of a sub-par production. We have watched films that leave us wondering what they were thinking in the editing room. But what makes a really good video when you are telling a story? Here are 3 tips to story video production that won’t let you down.

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Everyone at 90seconds was fast and professional. They were great at listening to feedback and helping us through the whole project. It was a breeze and we're very happy with the final result.Kelly Morr

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KPMG Australia
Melbourne move
Dan Murphy's
30 second video for YouTube and Facebook mobile
Edelman - Australia
Change tracking for HP edits
Uber Video Challenge
The Dinner Party
Australia Post
Pilot showreel
Uber QLD
Brisbane Lion’s
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