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News Video Production

As you know, many independent organizations and individuals produce compelling news and current events related video content for viewing online every day. With the right angle, writing, equipment, and presentation skills- you can produce great quality news content. You do not necessarily need to travel to exotic locations or break new stories yourself. Often times simply offering new commentary with a fresh or unique angle to already running news stories can be enough to draw a large viewing audience.

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance

90 Seconds took a simple storyboard and brought it to life. Not easy to create an animated video that will resonate with people from Pakistan to Poland, but they did it!

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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90 Seconds – The world’s leading cloud video production platform

90 Seconds is the world’s leading cloud video production platform, allowing brands to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review video anywhere in the world, online and on mobile.

90 Seconds – The world’s leading cloud video production platform

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