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Shooting video in Nagoya gives you the opportunity to capture the best of both the old and new worlds of Japan. Located on the Pacific on the island of Honshu, it is one of the largest and oldest cities in the nation, with well over two million residents, and offers stunning video opportunities of one of the most sophisticated cities in the world, as well as some of Japan’s most beloved and revered cultural and historical treasures. Nagoya is one of the country’s most important port cities, so it’s always alive with business and commerce, and supports many industries including technology, aviation, and automobile manufacturing. Visit one of Nagoya’s many world-class museums to capture a taste of its rich past and vibrant present, or one of the many restaurants to see the preparation and presentation of it’s unique Nagoya meshi local cuisine. There’s never any lack of exciting subjects when shooting video in Nagoya.

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Top Nagoya Filming Destination

Nagoya Castle

This huge structure is a stunning example of traditional Japanese architecture, dating back to the Edo period in the early 16th century. The lovely and picturesque surrounding grounds and gardens, massive fortifications, towers, and turrets, and interior artwork and decorations make it one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Port of Nagoya

Located just outside of the city’s bustling Chūkyō Metropolitan Area, and sprawling across miles of the shores of Ise Bay, this is the busiest port in the nation. Film the wonders of the impressive Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, or capture the three awesome bridges, called the Meikō Triton, that make up the Isewangan Expressway.

Korankei Valley

This lovely place sits just outside of Nagoya, and is said to be one of the best places in Japan to view the autumn foliage of the trees, among them many maples that were planted in the 17th century by the chief priest of the Kojakuji Temple, which sits at the summit of Mount Limori.

Nagashima Resort

This multi-faceted resort is one of the biggest attractions in Nagoya, and includes the Nagashima Spaland amusement and waterpark, a complex of natural hot springs, Nabana no Sato flower park, and a large shopping and dining mall. It sits on a peninsula surrounded by the ocean and rivers.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

One of Nagoya’s newest attractions, this serves as the museum of Central Japan Railways. It features an exhibit of trains, from steam-powered locomotives to bullet trains and cutting-edge magnetic levitation trains, as well as many other educational displays. It’s a great place for Nagoya video production.

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