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One of the primary reasons for embracing Munich video production is the city’s wide range of architectural styles. Munich was founded during the 12th Century and enjoys many of the finest examples of period construction in the world. Among them are some of the oldest houses of worship. These include the Heilig Kreuz church that reflects the Romanesque fresco style and St. Mary’s Church that was redesigned in the baroque era that swept Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. You’ll also find rare pairing of mixed architecture such as the neo-classical National Theater standing next to the modernist Residenz Theatre.

But Munich isn’t just a past period city. In fact, it has tremendous contemporary buildings such as the full-mirrored façade of Highlight Towers and Hypo-Haus. In terms of managing locations for Munich video production, there are tremendous opportunities to utilize these structures for backdrops that can reflect many different eras.

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Top Munich (Germany) Filming Destination

Nymphenburg Palace

Commissioned by Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy during the 17th Century, the palace was designed in the baroque style by Agostino Barelli. Its acclaimed interiors include the famous Hall of Mirrors. The enormous mansion overlooks a vast, sweeping central pavilion with intricate waterways, finely manicured lawns, gardens and strategically placed statues. The breathtaking grounds have been the subject of many acclaimed paintings.

Englischer Garten

The English Garden spans nearly 1.5 square miles of green space with the Munich city skyline in the backdrop. It has been a major sunbathing spot since opening in the late 18th Century and remains one of Europe’s largest urban parks. Some of the key attraction inside the space include the Japanese Teahouse, the Apollo temple called Monopteros and the Chinese Tower. The man-made streams produce waves large enough for people to surf.

Am Steinsee

To the southeast of Munich this restaurant and café rests on the banks of Lake Steinsee. The surrounding beach and weather-proof terrace have made this a popular outdoor filming location. The open floor plan and Panorama event space has enticed many doing Munich video production to use the 250-person space.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Set in the Bavarian Alps to the south of Munich, this 19th Century Romanesque Revival castle overlooks the quaint village of Hohenschwangau. The ornate castle has more than 200 rooms and spans upwards of 65,000 square feet of old world living space that includes the Hall of the Singers and a Throne Room. Featuring intricate tile work, tapestries and paintings, it’s was the inspiration of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Located about 90-minutes north of Munich, it is recognized for the historic Imperial Castle that harkens back to the Middle Ages and was at the center of the German Renaissance during the 15th and 16th centuries. There are several key locations to take advantage of that include the Hangman’s Bridge, City Brewery and the acclaimed Medieval Christmas Market. Nuremberg offers a highly defined medieval flair.

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