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Animation Video Production

Animated video production is often used in short “explainer videos” to introduce a company, project, or product. These videos bring the concept to life, and aim to introduce and educate the intended audience about the company or product. Animated video production can help simplify a complicated concept in a fun and engaging way, while also humanizing the brand. By increasing brand recognition, well-done animated videos undoubtedly help a company stand out from the competition. However, not all animated videos are created equal. Here are some of the top tips to creating an engaging and compelling video:

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Tips for Creating Animation Videos

Producing a video can be a daunting task, time consuming, complicated and costly. In all of these areas, 90 Seconds were just sensational to work with and we are delighted with the end product. We had confidence in their skills, ability and overall execution and actually enjoyed the process of working with the team.Carol Morris

Animation videos created on 90 Seconds

Accenture Australia
Woolworth CIO ReportAnimation
Tyremax – HP5 Video Version 1
Redmart – Rice Bag Animation
Energy and Water Ombudsman (Australia)
Annual Report 2017
B.Engineering Practice Animation
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