World Oven Bread Video Series – Pitas – Episode 3

Watch Taste magazines Luca Villari create a flavour packed World oven Pita

Looking for an inspirational meal option?
World Oven has a range of speciality breads made fresh in New Zealand that are sure to please
everyone. Like this tasty Spanish salad wrap, or this chargrilled vegetable Panini…..
Today I’m going to show you a simple recipe with an exotic flavour using world oven Pita bread.
Firstly Marinate chicken in half the olive oil, garlic salt and herbs .sear until golden and cooked
through. Meanwhile combine carrot, spring onion, chilli, sultanas, then whip up a dressing with the
other half of the oil, lemon juice and zest and sweet honey and toss together.
Warm pita (recommend oven temp) and cut a good-sized opening at the top. Fill with carrot salad
and top with hot chicken. Garnish with mint leaves
» Go for gold and use tender beef strips instead of chicken
And there you have it – World Oven chicken pitas with a spicy carrot salad, topped off with a
delicious spinach and yoghurt dip.
And the best part – it’s simple, and quick.

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