Cayter Goh

Engineer Director

My name is Cayter and I’m from Malaysia. Like most people, I had spent 6 years in National Taiwan University pursuing my bachelor + master(HCI with image processing) degrees. After graduated from NTU, I spent 2+ years working in Trend Micro. Soon after, I got an opportunity to join Ruckus Wireless(a competitor to Cisco) in Singapore. Till 1+ years later, I was fortunate to join Grab as engineering lead and that crazy growth over the 31 months I was with them had further grew my knowledge in scaling a system.

In all my experience, I had been working as a full stack engineer which includes BackEnd + FrontEnd(Web/Android) + DevOps. It has been super challenging for me in the last ~7 years as it took a lot of time to dig into those knowledge and be good at it. As for my personal belief in professional expertise, here’s what I always tell my team members at Grab: a day a problem solved, a year you become a pro.

Thank you guys for taking your time to read my introduction and I’m looking forward to work with you guys to drive this company to be the top leader in the industry!

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