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Tonga Video Production

Tonga is the beautiful and remote sovereign state, comprised of 169 islands spread out over 270,000 miles in the South Pacific (to the northeast of New Zealand). Due to its remote, tropical location, it provides a very interesting look for capturing video. It also can produce some logical issues as boat rentals is necessary for visiting many of these locations. Nearly every turn on the island produces lush, tropical shots of sand and surf, so tracking those kinds of Zen shots isn’t difficult. However, there are plenty of other exceptional destinations to take in for the best Tonga video production.

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Top Tonga Filming Destination

The Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga

One of the easier shooting destinations to locate as it is situated in the capital city of Nuku-alofa, this destination truly is beautiful. The palace, which is a two story construction, looks like it served as a private get away for the British royal family in the early 1900s. The brilliant red roof is bold against the white paint, and the red cast iron gate away the palace stands out against the lush greenery. Plus the ocean view behind the palace just adds another element to the shot.

Nuku Island Vava'u

Yes, it is possible to capture a breathtaking ocean view nearly anywhere in the scattered islands. However, on Nuku Island Vava'u there are palm tree constructed huts scattered on the beaches. Some are rather remote, which can offer a very interesting composition, especially when looking to create a lone, nomadic and completive scene.

Free Wesleyan Church

Saione, Kokomotu'a on Nuku'alofa

There are few religious buildings constructed on the small islands. This is the largest and the most visually interesting. In fact, it is one of the largest buildings constructed anywhere in Tonga. With an elegant bell tower, this Methodist church boats a very simple European construction (it was constructed by missionaries from Australia). There is also much history within the church as the former king practiced as a minister within the church. The sky is almost perfect with a deep blue, and the off-white church seems to reflect the green plants around it.

Mu'a South of Nuku-alofa

Located just south of the capital, ancient ruins are found here. Different from other Polynesian ruins in this area of the world, it offers a very unique opportunity for capturing video footage in Tonga. Plus, as the constructions are very flat and angular, it can help with framing a scene.

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