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Nestled in the heart of Central Spain, the Spanish capital city of Madrid has a rich history over a thousand years long — with sights to match! Like all major European cities, Madrid is made up of an eclectic mix of architectural styles along with towering skyscrapers. Whether your video project needs a bustling modern city or a historically accurate set for a period piece, you can find it in Madrid.

Madrid is also a major hub for the film industry and has been the site for hundreds of major motion pictures. With a high concentration of film-making professionals, filling in any gaps in your cast and crew shouldn’t be hard. In addition to its many on-site locations, Madrid also supplies a wide array of studios of all sizes.

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Top Madrid Filming Destination

Plaza Mayor

One of the city's biggest town squares, the Plaza Mayor sits at the center of Madrid. The square is surrounded by ornate residential buildings on most sides with cafes and restaurants at ground level. As the Plaza Mayor has served as a gathering place for hundreds of years, it makes an excellent choice for Madrid video productions featuring crowd scenes.

Royal Palace

Originally built in the 18th century for the Spanish Royal Family, much of the Royal Palace of Madrid is today open to the public. Its neoclassical and baroque architecture can lend a stunning backdrop to Madrid video productions. Other features include the central courtyard, the Campo del Moro Gardens, the Hall of Mirrors, and various historically significant works of art.

Buen Retiro Park

As Madrid's biggest public park, Buen Retiro is home to a number of attractions perfect for filming, including gardens, statuary, and water features. Of special note is its artificial lake, a popular rowing spot that can be used for boat scenes.

Temple of Debod

This Egyptian temple from the 2nd century BC is no reproduction; it's the real deal. Donated by the Egyptian government, the Temple of Debod was disassembled and rebuilt in the middle of Madrid. Videographers wanting to add some authentic flair should take advantage of the monument, as it is one of the few examples of ancient Egyptian architecture that can be found abroad.

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is Madrid's most famous city square and makes a stunning location for filming. Situated just a few blocks away from the Plaza Mayor, the circular Puerta del Sol serves as the center of both the city and Spain's road network. The square is surrounded by a wealth of historical buildings, including the clock tower many Spaniards look to when ringing in the new year.

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