Kiwi Landing Pad Holiday Party 2014 – Meet our Community

Thanks for everyone who came out last night to support us at the Kiwi Landing Pad. Was a great night and awesome to see so many faces from various communities at the Landing Pad. Special thanks to our sponsors Vend, MOA BEER, Villa Maria & 90 Seconds.

80-100 people over the course of 4 hours! Pretty exciting.

As Kiwi’s we never miss an opportunity to celebrate and come together, so we thought after a hard, fast and successful year we would get all of our fellow southern hemisphere comrades together and their friends to celebrate the holiday season and the year that has been.

We invited a bunch of our community to join us on the 10th of December at the Kiwi Landing Pad to share a drink, eat some good food, meet and share with our residents and friends of the Kiwi Landing Pad. We asked our community to bring their partners, friends and fellow Kiwi’s, American’s and Australian’s to embrace culture and make it as multi-cultural affair as it can possibly be.

We welcomed our new Community Manager, Sian to the team who will be hosted the event, Sian has been working on refreshing the space for the last three months.

The evening was a great success, we had over 80 people attend, they all had a great time, many connections where made. It was great to see such a wide and varied bunch of people come together from a variety of backgrounds. Special thanks to our sponsors Vend, MOA BEER, Villa Maria & 90 Seconds.

Kiwi Landing Pad

We rated the 90 experience:

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